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Monday, February 14th 2022, 7:01pm

Why should I buy Anno 1602 History Edition?


I knew of the existance of this forum since already a decade ago, I think I made an account back in the day but forgot the name and password... :kopfnuss: Regardless, let's get to the point. Is the History Edition of this game worth buying? As far as I know, it got multiplayer support, high res screen support and all that fancy stuff but as far as I know they didn't really touch the mechanics of the game and/or fix bugs. Glitches which appeared in the old game haven't been solved.

However, I'm curious about the glitches which appeared when you had a large population on one island or a large amount of crop harvesting. The game would freak out and show houses with zero inhabitants, and crops would stop growing. For those who own the history edition, are these two bugs still present? And what about the max amount of ships? Is it still capped?

And uhh... Do any of you guys still play this game btw?


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Tuesday, February 15th 2022, 11:07am

Hello Dvz! At first, welcome back in the forum! I don't play Anno 1602, I just played a little bit, so I know nothing about Anno 1602 bugs. But I got the History Edition Anno 1404 at last and I can say, it is worth to buying! It's not even more 32bit, it's 64bit, so the computer ore laptop can manage the grafic and animations for big citys much better. Also it's easier to mod the game, because they aren't any Patch.rda's, it's all in the "right" RDA's. In Anno 1404 much bugs are fixed in the History Editon, too. Please don't understand me wrong: I say this from Anno 1404 History Edition. But I think it's good, to buy the History Edition.
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Tuesday, February 15th 2022, 8:23pm

Hey Dvz,
as all History editions (I bought 1701 and 1404) can be installed and played without CD-Rom it makes definetely sense for me to get a new licence without CD-Rom.

What to to if your CD has scratches is lost or your new PC doesn't have a CD-Rom dive anymore? - big advantage for the History edition asit is possible to install, start and play from the Ubisoft Connect platform.
As well no patches needed to be install in a timely manner as often caused trouble when I look back to Anno 1701 with patch 1.04 and 2.03 for the addon. And, for 1701 the multiplayxer is back and works fine - we still play 3 days a week with buddies from the early times.
I guess that the History Edition of 1602 has similar advantages.
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