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Frisch Angeheuert

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Saturday, March 9th 2013, 3:54pm

Could not load "bin\NetComEngine3.dll"...

Hello! Here is 2 computers, one with XP 32, all works great!

The second with much better configuration runs XP64, all games runs without problems, Anno1404 also works perfect, the same Anno as on the first comp, but Addon Venice makes error

Could not load "bin\NetComEngine3.dll"
This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.
Error code: 14001

Surely i have reinstalled it not once, all VC++s and .NETs are installed, again, every other game works! Even the anno itself works.
The only addon makes problems.
addon version 2.1.5010.0

Thanks for helping.

remove dxdiag, problem solved

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Saturday, March 9th 2013, 4:12pm


read this please and try to reinstall those components who needed from vc++ an .net framework.

hope that works for you

btw, what about you cd/dvd drive ? did you just copy annn over network ?


Frisch Angeheuert

  • "Temp1901" started this thread

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Saturday, March 9th 2013, 5:07pm

I just removed everything with VC++ and installed about 12 or 14 VCs from microsoft site, just everything related to VC for all versions, That helped.
Thank you!



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Wednesday, May 15th 2019, 12:00am

Anno 1404 Venice Error Code 14001 Side-by-Side Configuration Error

i got some trouble at starting Anno 1404: Venice. I hope you can help me. When i start it this window appears:

I already read that a possible solution is to install C++ and .NET Framework. Well this was already installed but i reinstalled it. I already had this issue with an other game but i can't remember the name. Well this are my installed versions of C++ and .NET:

So my System-Data is this:
Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
MSI Geforce GTX 760 OC
AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core Processor
I hope you can help me. Thanks a lot!


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Wednesday, May 15th 2019, 5:30am

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